The Aftertastes Questionnaire:
Nate Erickson


Nate Erickson knows how to live glamorously and how to keep it real. He might hang with supermodels, but the former GQ editor and our favorite man-about-town will always lock eyes across the dinner table. If you follow @Nately on social media, you know that he cares about food, whether it’s dinner at New York’s Tacombi or love notes to waffles and Corn Nuts. Under a recent Instagram photo of the most glorious french toast, he joked, “yes this is a food blog now.” We doubt that food will ever dominate Erickson’s covetable account—not when there are models, bottles, and pairs of rad shoes to post—but no matter what he shares, Erickson does an excellent job of making us salivate.


Favorite place to eat: 
Breakfast: Remedy Diner: the vibe, the people, and it’s close to my apartment.
Lunch: Bar Pitti. I’m not cool enough to get a table at night, so I’ve made this my go-to afternoon meal spot. Blame burrata.
Dinner: Tacombi because esquites, micheladas, and barbacoa.

Favorite qualities in a restaurant / in a restaurant companion?
Always the people. And if you’re rude to bartenders or waitstaff, you’re never coming with me again.

Your drink of choice? 
The michelada. I think most people like them in the summer but it’s pretty much a year round thing for me.

Favorite late night snack?
I get weird cravings at night. Tomatoes and sweet pickles usually hit the spot.

Food you hate the most?
Macarons because they’re liars.

Strongest food memory?
Stunting on your haters when your mom got you pizza Lunchables.

Your worst eating habit?
Getting it delivered.

What’s one dish you know how to make well?
Dino chicken nuggets.

How did you learn it?

Favorite food from childhood?
Apples and popcorn.

One cooking OR eating OR kitchen tip?
Stop getting it delivered.

Your favorite cooking term or food-related word:
Literally any word but ‘foodie’.

Dream dinner party guests?
2Pac, Biggie, and Angela Lansbury.