Submission Guidelines

We would love to read your pitches and submissions! We are always looking for new writers. If you are interested in contributing to Aftertastes, here are some guidelines to consider:


  • Essays should be no longer than 1200 words, and should recount a particular story.
  • If you don’t cook, don’t worry! Cooking does not have to be a part of your essay. Food doesn’t even have to be the central focus of your piece, as long as it plays some part in your story.
  • If you would like to write a piece about family, please note that we try to stay away from overly sentimental submissions, and encourage essays that take a unique angle or approach to family stories. As Amanda Hesser writes in the introduction to Eat, Memory: “No one wants to read an overwrought paean to grandma’s cornbread. But we might well be interested in why your grandma made it whenever she was lonely.”
  • We feature a lot of first-person writing, but we are also looking for non-first-person writing as well. So if you’d like to write on a subject matter that isn’t personal, please pitch to us!


  • Submissions should be no longer than 1000 words.
  • Recipes are more experimental in form, and can have disjointed narratives and multiple stories. Please take a look at our Recipes section for examples.
  • As with the essays, we would like to stay away from overly sentimental submissions.


  • We are actively searching for photo essays and photographic contributions, as well as photographers available for the Kitchen Interview portraits. Please email to let us know if you’re interested, or to pitch food-related photo essays.


  • We will soon be launching a new section with short-form pieces (300-500 words). Some of these pieces will pertain to a theme, and be presented as a compilation. Our first themes are: (a) eating habits, (b) stories from shuttered restaurants, (c) acquired tastes, (d) foods from childhood. If any of these inspire you to write a 1-2 paragraph story, please send us your pitch.


  • Please submit your pitch or submission via email in a .doc file, Google Document, or in the body of an email. We edit with tracked changes in Word or suggestions in Google Docs.
  • Please note that, while we answer all of our email, we are constantly reading and editing through submissions and are often a bit behind.