A Weekend in Tokyo:
Model Burnbook’s Cailin Hill

Photo: Dai Araki / amodels-husband

Cailin Hill may seem like an unlikely candidate for Tokyo food recommendations, but her gastronomic perspective is a unique one. The Canadian model-turned-photographer-and-writer has been living in Tokyo for the last two years, navigating one of the most expensive cities as a budgeting vegetarian with a penchant for 8.0% beers—and that’s without speaking or reading Japanese.

On her blog, The Model Burnbook, Hill shares stories, photos, conversation bytes, and Q&As about modeling—and marriage, and living as an expat in Tokyo—in a voice that is as hilarious as it is poignant. Among the kawaii selfies on her Instagram are examples of the city’s culinary customs that seem novel to North Americans: watermelons in the shapes of pyramids, Totoro cream puffs, even the packaging for a twelve pack of beer.

Though Hill shares much of her life online, we wanted to know more. We wanted the details; the places she hangs when she’s off-off-off-duty. See and take note.

Photo: Dai Araki / themodelburnbook.com